Web Application Development Services we offer

We have created a professional team of web app developers (both frontend and backend) to be able to correspond effectively to our client’s needs. Web application development has several objectives. It helps to shorten cycles of deploying of the product and reaches a significant amount of users on many different devices.

Frontend Development

At MojoDigitech, we take pride in having a team of skilled engineers. Our developers are proficient in the latest frontend technologies such as Angular, Vue, React, Materialized, and SCSS. Our high-end web architecture development, UI enhancement and performance tuning are appreciated by a global clientele across business verticals. Get your work done with us.

Backend Development

Our backend developers possess years of experience to support your business growth with a robust and scalable web solution. We are up-to-date with the industry trends and top-notch technologies like Node.js, Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter etc. We work with dexterity and ensure to generate an end result that is built to perfection.

API Development & Integration

An API is a computing interface that underlines the interactions between multiple software intermediaries. RESTful API development is a core focus at MojoDigitech. We craft secure custom REST framework as a robust and flexible toolkit for creating custom web APIs. We maintain a three-level protocol to ensure REST API security - authentication / tokenization, encryption and origin validation.


Our programmers are efficient in working with a variety of database to ensure that your application’s data is completely secure and easily accessible whenever needed. Our expertise extends to various relational and non-relational database management systems including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and NoSQL database (MongoDB, Apache Cassandra). We specialize on using Database Middleware that supports interoperability between various software components, facilitates distributed transaction execution, helps to improve database services like fault tolerance and performance scaling, and also adapts to workloads by using adaptive queuing middleware.

Version Control

Version control system helps the development team to manage any change to the source code over time. It keeps track of all the modifications done to a code in a specific database. In case of any unintended error, the developers can turn to the previous version and fix the issues. Since an entire development team works on a project, it’s better to organize the codes for the apps in the file tree and keep a track of the changes. This accelerates the process of a glitch-free app development. We prefer Bitbucket and GitHub to support our source control needs and maintain a smooth workflow.

Our Work Process

Every project is unique and we offer tailor-made end results. However, we maintain a precise approach to maximise the success rate. Our agile, results-driven, and transparent work approach has proved its merit in multiple projects:


We conduct a thorough market research, competitor analysis, target audience, and clients’ requirement before starting out with the project. This helps us to properly present the brand personality through all the elements on the website.


We start with creating a user flow map to determine the best navigability of the website. This is followed by wireframing and prototyping that set the overall structure, functionality, and content of the project. Upon the clients’ approval, we move on to the next step.


UI design determines the overall appearance and feel of the website. We adopt the latest trends and use the best colours, visual effects, typography, and animations that suit the brand identity. These determine how the users will perceive and interact with your site.


Next, we implement functionalities to bring the site into life. We offer a comprehensive front and backend web solution with the help of the tech stack like Angular, React, HTML5/CSS3, Node.js, PHP (Laravel, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter), MySQL, MongoDB etc.


Before your site goes live, we thoroughly review the codes, features, and functionalities of the website. That way, we can ensure that the features and functionalities on the websites are glitch-free and it offers a top-notch user experience (UX).


In case you need to update any functionality or add custom features and conduct a thorough maintenance, we got you covered. We offer an extensive maintenance service including server load monitoring, code back-ups and security audits.

Why Choose Our Website Development Services

End-to-end website development services - that’s what MojoDigitech offers to its global clientele. Here are our USPs as a trusted web solution provider:

Great UI / UX

Our designs have great UI which results in great UX as well.

SEO Friendly

Our websites are built with features to help your website rank higher.

Responsive Design

Our Designs are device friendly across all platforms and screen sizes.

Clean Coding

Coding is kept clean and optimised as per industry standard.

So what are the key advantages of the web application development?

Higher Performance

Web development service provides the product specifically for all operation system, it makes the performance of application faster and smarter. This factor is crucial for applications with a huge amount of data.

Better UI/UX

we are offers you better user experince with awosome user interface.Want a static or dynamic, flash or e-commerce based web design or you are thinking to revamp your existing website? We do it all!

Better Security

Security of web application allows distinguishing qualitative application from the unsafe one. To guarantee safekeeping of application`s data requires better performance of the system.

Better access to the audience

App markets give better support to the applications that use web app development. Such applications can be more quickly discovered by users and get more marketing options and promotional support from the platform.